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What city did you grow up in?

I grew up in Pasadena and Altadena in a 1960’s ranch style house. My parents put a reproduction Craftsman porch on it. – they loved the style so much!  Pasadena is so filled with rich architectural treasures – when I found the historic districts in Long Beach I began to feel right at home!














How did you end up in Long Beach?

An employment opportunity for an ex-husband brought me here. We moved to an apartment by the Traffic Circle around 1993. Later, we bought a fourplex in Bluff Park called La Casa Que Canta and lived there. That’s when I really began to fall in love with this neighborhood!

What made you want to start a business in Long Beach?

I always wanted to do design, and I started my own interior design business in 2002. I had dreamed of having a home store, and I wanted to be on Broadway. One day in 2007 I was walking my dog and I saw this vacant house on Broadway. The doors were unlocked and I went in. I called the landlord and negotiated the lease in 2 days.

How did you decide to showcase local artists during your monthly art receptions?

Artists kept approaching me to do it, and now it is one of my favorite things about having the store! I love being able to showcase this work and connect them with other people in the community.

Describe the people of Long Beach.

Eclectic. Interesting. Diverse. Friendly. Neighborly. Artistic.

What do you like most about Long Beach?

It’s eclecticism. I love the diversity of the people. Very creative neighborhoods. The architecture – all the different eras of the architecture is a constant stimulation for me as I walk or drive around.

I say that I am addicted to potential! There is so much potential going on around us, and people taking the energy to maximize the potential of the neighborhoods and homes.

What advice do you have for new residents or business owners?

Get involved in community things that interest you. It’s a great platform to get word out about your business, meet new people, while supporting a good cause you are passionate about whether it is arts, a neighborhood, etc.

What do you think can be improved about this neighborhood and/or city?

We are putting a lot of effort into improving the Broadway Business Corridor. We are focusing on the historic villages like Heights Village, Belmont Village, etc. There are interesting pockets and clusters of small businesses up and down Broadway. Sidney Cramer, President of the On Broadway Business Association is doing a great job pulling the businesses on Broadway together to host events and offer support to one another.  We are trying to improve each business area of Broadway, yet be cohesive. The City has been responsive. Also we are looking to beautify and slow traffic so it is more pedestrian friendly.

What are your top spots for new residents?

Nick’s on 2nd, The Attic on Broadway, Parolaccia, Papalucci’s, Cafe Neo, Starling Diner, 555 Steakhouse, Michael’s in Naples, Tavern on 2nd…Obviously I love to eat!!  MOLAA (The Museum of Latin American Art) is one of my favorite museums anywhere.

What are some must have items from Sasha’s Living With Style?

We have an amazing collection of 145+ rugs. You can look at samples in the store, custom order a rug, and have it in 1-2 weeks.

For the holidays: I love the Day of the Dead candles and the tarot serving plates. Holiday items for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be mercury glass hurricanes (great for the holidays and year round). We also have a new collection of seaside ornaments, garlands and trees that will be on display starting in November.  We like to go over the top dolling the place up for the winter holidays!!






Join Sasha for a wonderful Art Reception on Saturday October 20th from 6-9pm! Free wine and appetizers provided!

3237 East Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803

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